O₄FFDEM Theme: Kritical Mesh Ins

January 25

Resuming autonomous grassroots communication networks when all else fails.


A paragraph to orient the debate, in relation to received proposal and the CFP

The meshin proposal stems from proposals to look into concrete aspects of acquiring the means to share messages over grassroots emergency networks, from hardware considerations (sourcing devices, repurposing them) to application considerations (running secure communications software), and how to ensure the transmission of such knowledge and know-how, especially in areas where access to technology may be scarce.

Exploring the situation from experience outside the Global North, with care for vulnerable people, and empowering communities to be able to create and maintain such networks from scratch requires long-term focus and a variety of perspectives and experiences coming together.

Where does it come from?

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This proposal is shaping from several contributions[1], including:


An invitation to the people who proposed related topics to enter in a dialogue to shape this WG collectively.

People interested in this wide topic are invited to shape it together.

Proponents are interested in taking concrete steps to further collaboration in the e-Waste WG and other groups.

  1. some participants remain anonymous, so their proposals are not linked here. ↩︎