Donate to OFFDEM

September 26, 2023

OFFDEM is currently accepting donations via bank transfers to petites singularités’s bank account: IBAN: BE16 3630 1548 4674 .

All donations to OFFDEM remain anonymous by default unless you express the wish to make it public and nominative (see below).

How to transfer monies to OFFDEM?

  1. You should verify the IBAN before sending money!
  2. Send a bank transfer to the IBAN listed above with OFFDEM in the communication.
    • If you wish to be listed on this page, please add public to your donation’s communication, and/or the handle you want to use[1].
  3. Enjoy good fortune!

OFFDEM Early Birds party at Caldarium

Our friends at Neutrinet have organized a fantastic welcoming party on Friday night, before the event. Unfortunately, despite generous donations to the food, some people seem to have confused free as in freedom with free as in free beer. If you have drunk for free, maybe you want to address your liberal stance and consider donating to cover the costs. More precisely, donations to the bar covered only 43% of the actual costs!

Current Balance and Shout Outs!

Please see replies to this topic for the current state of donations to OFFDEM.

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  1. Bank transfer communication fields are somewhat limited, so if you mention public in you communication, we’ll use the relevant name from the bank account. If you want to keep that private, you can as well send a private message here to @infodesk and mention the topic number from the message containing the correct handle. ↩︎