Tetraoxygen Launch party at Caldarium

January 3

This is a wiki: members can edit it to coordinate the organization of a boiler room party the evening before the official program, to welcome people and create an informal atmosphere with music, food and drinks.


Neutrinet is an associative internet provider in Belgium. For more than 10 years, Neutrinet has been committed to a neutral, free and decentralized internet, offering the necessary tools to those who want to reclaim their data and build an internet that reflects their values.

Since a few years, Neutrinet works together with 100PAP ASBL, activist microbrewer, to provide internet connections to refugees occupations in Brussels.

All benefits after the party will be donated to Neutrinet.

When & Where

02/02 @ Caldarium, Rue de Wautier 121, 1020 Laeken


From 6pm to midnight. Doors will be closed at 10pm.

Food & Drinks

There will be pasta with vegan bolognese. Beers and softs will be proposed as well.

Food and drink are provided at free pricing! There are donation boxes in the greenhouse.


All guests are asked to take part in this event in accordance with the rules of the Performance Caldarium Night (adapted from Performance Art Forum (PAF)).

Think those rules as interrelated.

Performance Caldarium Night (adapted from Performance Art Forum (PAF)) aspires to be a space where intersectional, anti-racist and feminist analysis inform practice. Sexism, racism, classism, LGBTQ+phobia, ableism, ageism and any other form of discrimination or aggression are not tolerated. Performance Caldarium Night fosters a practice of collective accountability and considers it everybody’s responsibility. More info, guidelines and resources are available here.

As said before Performance Caldarium Night is a place for meeting. Caldarium offers shared spaces for activities or groups that organise themselves autonomously and with as few forms of domination or power as possible. Activities are voluntary, based on reciprocity and without exclusion criteria.

The aim will be to oppose alienation with a focus on deconstructing concepts such as labor, paid work and money.

Furthermore, because of the presence of animals who have their habitat in Performance Caldarium Night as well as the constraints of the garden and the hygiene of the rooms, we would prefer not to have people bringing their pets to Performance Caldarium Night, nonetheless if they are indispensable companions for you then again please contact us to clarify an agreed upon organisation.

Performance Caldarium Night’s relationship with the village a balance to preserve and maintain. Careful and positive relations with the villagers are necessary for its existence. Please avoid loud noises in the night in the garden or the building.

We wish you a fruitful time in Performance Caldarium Night’.