Add OFFDEM-related emojis to your Discourse install

:discourse: Summary Discourse OFFDEM emojis enables custom emojis for your Discourse from the OFFDEM community.
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This simple plugin provides a growing set of emojis (emoticons) from the OFFDEM community, including logos of free software, organizations, memes, and other images one might want to use in an adult, fun conversation.

Here is a list of available emojis and related keywords:

Keyword Emoji Notes
:offdem: :offdem: The original OFFDEM logo
:offdem_masked: :offdem_masked: The OFFDEM 0x01 logo (COVID-19 version)
:ps: :ps: The original organizer of OFFDEM
:delta: :delta:, where we maintain the OFFDEM Infodesk
:discourse: :discourse: The Discourse software that keeps us building knowledge altogether
:edri: :edri: :offdem: :heart: EDRi since day 1
:eris: :eris: Hail :eris:! The Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage
:kitten_playing: :kitten_playing: Kitten is a complete :two_hearts: Small Web development kit
:interpeer: :interpeer: The Interpeer project aims to redefine an information-centric networking stack for humans
:srht: :srht: SourceHut hacker’s forge, a collective free software development suite
:tor: :tor: Tor
:unbin: :unbin: leads the e-Waste working group


  • The source code is maintained over at SourceHut (I mean so you can send patches there, but you don’t need to be a hacker to contribute.
  • Instead you may reply to this topic indicating a good icon source (preferably 32x32 pixels, but an SVG source is best) and its licensing information (who owns the image? What rights are attached to it? How do we transmit owner’s consent to integrate this into our plugin?)


The code repository started as a fork of @eviltrout’s trout emoji but the leaner CSS approach from @cpradio’s vBulleting emoticons was adopted soon after — which happens to work thanks to @eviltrout’s emoji extender. Thanks to both for the inspiration and hard work, and thanks to the :discourse: team for an awesome forum software and fantastic community.