Audio format to speak about OFFDEM

@offdem: Free Learning School has offered us to take some time for a question and answer conversation session about OFFDEM in order to produce an audio recording that can be then shared.
They asked that we gathered a list of topic we would be interested to chat about.
So here I start a wiki with a series of topic I think are important to discuss about when we think OFFDEM, please feel free to add retrieve … contribute in the coming days, lets say before Saturday feb 5th.

  • Free Software as a preliminary condition to our practice, explain why, and why we cannot move from this standpoint.
    • free culture (as in: the arts, culture and science belong to humanity—and so do technologies)
    • therefore: verification over trust ; capability to reproduce and adapt to real needs ; transmission
  • Community organised events need to stay within the community.
  • Keep it small and simple and decentralize to accomodate more and diversify.
  • Intersectionality is essential, work with other activists in your town.
  • Ask essential questions: Whom do you serve? Who benefits from your work? Who has a voice when you take decisions? How do you ensure maintainance follow up documentation and accessibility?
  • Work here, publish everywhere: apply stigmergic principles, make local actions radiate knowledge through the Internet for others to pick up and share their know-how in return.

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ok friends I will chat with freeschool on tuesday feb 8th at 5pm on Jitsi Meet.
Feel free to join if any interest.

Can we prepare something?