Cleaning Up EU Web Data -- GDPR.Observer and Libr.Events

Dear all,

sorry for the delay, it has been a hectic month that has ended.

I wanted to confirm my participation in offdem, and offer two opportunities to meet.

one on the presentation of, which is a system aimed at European member states, to get their institutions to get rid of G̶̢͈̠̣̓̓̈a̴͖̦̓́̇̒͜ḡ̸̺͇̚̚͝g̵̨̻̺̣̓l̷̞͊̀̿e̴̫̼̳̊-analytics and any other web-tracker that takes data overseas.

and the other is by, a mechanism to liberate data, from monopoly platforms to the fediverse.

in both cases, I would like to be able to have a projector, a moment of attention from the passing public, and be able to gather feedback or interest in participating.

I’ll prepare two introductory description in the forum, but I want to quickly anticipate my interest

kind regards,

Hi @vecna, nice to see you coming! We have two projectors available at least.

amazing to read you here @vecna at OFFDEM we organize around round tables and group conversation, I think @ksenia wanted also to propose conversation about UX for security applications and as @aral is here to discuss small web: kittens we might have good people for a conversation about Collective Data Sovereignty

Thanks for the sequence of posts over the last few days, I’m getting a better understanding of a bit of everything. I’m also glad if we want to package the activities close to something more on topic. In the cases of the two talks I referred to:

  • is about adversarial interoperability, forcing migration between corporate platforms to the federated
  • is about public pressure to institutions

Other question: I am making the necessary logistical reservations for the dates, do you have any suggestions of a hostel near the venue where I can sleep?

Last: there would be an online OFFDEM schedule, so should I provide that description?

Thanks again :pray:

@vecna would a correct title then be: EU Netizen Engagement: Adversarial Interoperability & Public Pressure on Institutions

We’ll make a schedule pointing to the first post of each #accepted-proposal topics. Feel free to edit

Hi @vecna ,

Sorry we did not list the hotels, around and I must say we are a little clueless regarding the issue.
I case of need we can provide hosting at friends house if you are intersted PM me.

Yes certainly, we will work on that in maybe 2 weeks from now when it will be more clear who is participating and which subject.

Maybe @fredux, @_ko or @tharyrok may know about hotels near the OFFDEM venue…

Note that this #engage:offdem proposal was followed up with joint work with the @GDPRobserver group and the creation of a #care:gdpr-observer group for Belgium.