Climate Justice in Tech / environmental sustainability in Internet Infrastructure

Hi! <3

I’m looking forward to offdem again this year!!

This is what I’d like to bring/take/mix:

  1. “Connecting Lika” → a call for participation in bringing
    connectivity to the rural area in Croatia

format: poster (printing the PDF attached!) and a 2-minute “pitch”
when/if there’s a chance to share

  1. “Climate Justice in Tech” → exploring the topics of “environmental
    sustainability in Internet Infrastructure”, Green Tech…

format: discussion/panel, if there is interest by others

let me know if you want me to send slides. here are some words & links
to slides/videos:

  1. cross-connecting: “fishing” speakers for the RIPE events, offering
    fellowship & funding; plus offering jobs & grants that I know of, from
    other communities; & connecting people

And also - I want to be a volunteer for the “well-being team”, since I
am trained as a “trusted person” for the RIPE community, and I had “code
of conduct training” too.

(shall I add myself to the wiki?)

See you!


Getting Lika Connected 1.1 offdem.pdf (1.29 MB)

Amazing @becha I think all propositions are welcome,

Real good this can be the topic of a morning group conversation, it would be amazing to have a couple more people engaging in preparing this, is there anyone you could suggest?
I don’t think slides are needed unless you feel you need them for clarity.
It would be more important to prepare here and structure a little the discussion we can use this topic if you’re ok, I’ll check out the references you sent.

Concerning Lika and Ripe this is super welcome we will put up a poster and a table, do you think we can bring both on the same table?

Concerning the well being team please add yourself to the wiki thx, and we already have at least one other person stepping up and super skilled so its going to be rich, as soon as things sttle a bit I’ll put you in contact so you can organize.

Thank you @becha!

The Connecting Lika project may be of interest to @olimex, I hope Tsvetan will be among us!