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We are social beings, we need social technologies.

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@natacha n’aime pas être servie au restaurant. Elle aime partager la nourriture. Toutefois, elle a préparé la plupart des plats en avance, dans son coin…

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Oh yes, a pause! Some free time suspended between chrono-time. Enjoy!

Permanence Occupation

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Notre dernier moment convivial ensemble avant réintégration.

Although we’re thinking about IN COMMON and DREAM, ActivityPub and Tor, and the many attempts at creating distributed agency, it became clear over the last year that the current global situation, half-triggered by a sanitary crisis, half by political opportunism (to take advantage of it and generate a global political arena where governments compete to show their grasp on their populations and outperform each other with grander stupidity), requires closer attention on how we, as grassroots collectives, make use of digital technologies to reinforce our values of freedom, equality, inclusion, respect, diversity, etc., and defeat the evermore pressing attempts at destroying them.

Hey How, all,

I’m willing to discuss this. And not only for the nice words of it; rather how we can practically, efficiently, achieve it. Please say so if it’s out of line for the proposed workshop, but I’d ask a couple more precise questions:

  • What type of organisation/method/means would best help us meet our goals? e.g. I like the idea of federations (both in a cloud-network-graph-oriented way and as a democratic organisation), does it make sense in your opinion? What other means are there to be both independent and work collaboratively?
  • How do we manage to get there. As @how rightfully pointed out, there’s been local, open and/or free, fair services offered around for decades. But people still feel like they’d better stay with G̶̢͈̠̣̓̓̈a̴͖̦̓́̇̒͜ḡ̸̺͇̚̚͝g̵̨̻̺̣̓l̷̞͊̀̿e̴̫̼̳̊ & Co. How can we change that feeling and make people feel good and safe about relying on local resources?

IMHO one good way to fight monopolies and concentration of power is to propose fair, reliable alternatives. Then I’m not sure about “the evermore pressing attempts at destroying them”; are you talking about lobbying? laws and regulation? pro-actively protecting ourselves?

Thanks, cheers!