Directions to OFFDEM

An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.
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O₄FFDEM takes place at VSP, 47 rue Fritz Toussaint, at walking distance from campus de Solbosch. The tram stop is Etherbeek Station.

  • (up in red) en haut en rouge : VSP
  • (down and left) en bas au gauche : campus de Solbosch

Wasn’t it supposed to be in Volta?! 8-10 rue Volta 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.

(I still have time to cancel my accommodation, so I’d love to confirm the actual place)



Hi Vesna,

Sorry about not announcing this formally the new place is less than 1km away it would be strange that you need to change room.
Reason for the move is we feel we would need more space than what was available rue Volta.