Distributed Replicated Edge Agency Machine

DREAM: Researching Offline-First, P2P Group Collaboration

DREAM Presentation

The PUBLIC DREAM is an ongoing research program − launched in 2020 − part of the NGI initiative of the European Commission.

In 2021, the DREAM team researched technical solutions to empower communities everywhere to independently collaborate in the local creation and maintenance of open knowledge. The goal of DREAM is to enable the convergence of distributed P2P networks and linked data models, within social solidary economy and organize among trusted groups.

For example, a group may collect, share, and edit local commons data offline, then synchronize these datasets with other trusted peers and enrich a globally distributed database that can be used from the Web and edited asynchronously by independent parties over the P2P network.


From the DREAM Demo page:

DREAM demo will be the first public demonstration of DREAM software associating P2P protocols and CmRDT-based implementation—also known as operation-based Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDT). This demo will take place in person, in Brussels, on March 5, 2022, as part of the OFFDEM conference.

For this demo we will work on a librarian case building on actual documentation models used in various research environments.

The use case will demonstrate the synchronisation of decentralised databases of specific bibliographies in existing format and allow for the local and collective maintenance of accessible sources.

Demonstrating topic-based Publish/Subscribe and routing to allow for CRDT synchronisation, permits a reversible exchange and maintenance of data sources (in this case bibliographical data and sources) by a group, for a fair use in scientific research.