Documentation and note-taking during the event

Hello & Greetings from Lyon, France,

We are Connie & Benjamin and we’d like to come offer some help with documenting at OFFDEM.

We’re a part of the third place movement where documentation and collective note-taking is prevalent and used for open knowledge and transmission. There are a lot of interesting topics at OFFDEM and we would love to help out. We may stay away from images unless requested and we were wondering if cryptpad or similar use is ok.

Anyhow, let us know how we could be of help.

We plan to be in Brussels From Friday the 4th of March until the 6th Sunday evening.

Thank you for this proposal Connie & Benjamin!

Transmission is a critical topic in our community, thank you for taking this up.

We use HedgeDoc usually. Our pads are at

Great our third place also uses hedgedoc :wink:

Amazing! Please be very welcome,
Maybe you also have interest in the card deck petites singularités pubished a few years ago 3TS (stands for 3rd technoscape)
There will be some examplaries onsite.

Hello how,

could you please put the following pad in freely mode ?

Cheers !

You can edit it now @cnbcp

Btw, thank you so very much for all the effort you put into documenting everything. Super helpful! <3

Thank you for your comment and we are happy it helps !
The cleaned up versions should be live by Monday.

Best, Connie & Benjamin

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well!
Thank you to all the contributors to the documentation of this event.

We completed the overall “gardening” and translation of the pads, index here:

The pads are bilingual French / English

Please note:

  • Everyone can help with errors, additions, etc.
  • The names of the presenter’s needs to be added

Once reviewed and edited, and after the restitution of the event this coming week:

  • We can create executive summaries for each pad
  • We can also post each pad into the forum topic corresponding with the event
  • We can see how we share and dispatch this knowledge and documentation

I hope I covered everything!
If not, do let us know.

All the best, Connie & Benjamin

Thank you so much @cnbcp for this awesome work. Starting today we’ll be reviewing and integrating your documentation. Happy Pi day!

Thank you so much bothe of you for the amazing and so usefull work.

I do’nt know if the information reached to you:
Next THX residency will happen mid july in Euskadi and will be announced very soon. It feels the documentation gathered during OFFDEM should be part of the next THX material and be reworked for the associated publication.
I hope you’ll have time to join in very different conditions (sun and river will be programmed also).

See THX 2022 - THX for the discussion on the upcoming THX residency.

Thank you! And much thanks to @XavCC for putting us in touch and offering the idea to document this event. We’re grateful for the collaboration.

We will follow closely the developments of the THX residence, merci encore et à bientôt.

I’ve been going through the pads. I’m still 6-pads away from completion, there’s so much there, wow, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s rich and dense in content, the exchanges are very valuable :wink: Happy reading @how !

A number of OFFDEM O₂ pads have triple question marks ??? matching parts where the scribe could not figure what was said (often people or software names). It would be useful that knowledgeable people go through them and fill in the blanks. I’m hopeful that we can make some interesting contributions to the wider community from these great note-taking.

You rock the party and the documentation as well :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thank you so much.
My mind just remembered that the first intention was to do DREAM Demo and Radical media together and finally you did much more (as usual cause that’s the way you are). You did great things!