Eukairos : rencontres des pratiques militantes et collectives de fictions spéculatives


Eukairos est un événement de réflexion et de partage de pratiques militantes et collectives de fictions spéculatives.
Ces rencontres ont pour but de rassembler les divers collectifs et individu·es mobilisant les récits comme outil de transformation sociale, dans une recherche de réflexion et de partage de pratiques.
C’est un moment pour faire du lien entre les différent·es individu·es et collectifs réuni·es et ainsi tisser un réseau, partageant des aspirations anti-capitalistes et anti-autoritaires.

Eukairos is an event for us to reflect and share activist and collective practices in speculative fiction.

The aim of these meetings is to bring together the various collectives and individuals who mobilize narratives as a tool for social transformation, in a quest to reflect on and share practices.
It’s a moment to forge links between the different individuals and collectives brought together, and thus weave a network of shared anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian aspirations.

Most of Eukairos will hapen in French whisper translation is always available.
The OSINT workshop will be in English, translated to French if needed

OSINT or Open Source Intelligence stands for a wide range of methods using all sorts of digital traces and data to establish or verify facts about distant events or activities. Vredesactie uses these methods to investigate arms trade and military operations. In this workshop it will introduce these methods and illustrate them with some recent investigations. In a speculative approach, we then discuss the future of this practice. Can OSINT demilitarize the world, or is it just a symptom of more
surveillance and wars?