Find or Create a New Topic?

This post will expand to describe how the forum is organized.

Sometimes a topic you have in mind already exists (but you did not find it, or it is closed, or you cannot write there), or does not fit an existing category.

This is the place to ask for help finding your way around, or propose new topics: @staff will help you orient and find a good place for discussion.

In a Nutshell: DON’T PANIC

New topics not assigned to a specific category will appear in Welcome.
Topics can be moved at any time from one category to a more appropriate one.
Topics can be split and merged into more focused discussions and moved accordingly to a more relevant category.

All categories are muted by default. You may join specific groups to track topics and participate in the related conference.

Can’t find what you want?

If you cannot find an existing topic that suits your needs, hesitate where to create it, or if you cannot create a new topic, you can discuss its creation below.

You’re welcome to create a new topic.

  1. Purpose links to conference description ↩︎

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