Jens on distributed authorization / streaming container format for information-centric networks

Hi, pinged me that the call opened. I would like to participate, but I’ll be in Brussels for FOSDEM, where I submitted three talks. So not running into conflicts with that is one of my main concerns.

The past year I’ve been working on a few topics on a distributed next-gen internet. One talk at FOSDEM will be on distributed authorization, another (maybe rejected?) on a streaming container format for information centric networks.# The third is probably the best OFFDEM topic, and the worst. It’s about a systems thinking point of view on how to build stuff, both in terms of technical architecture and organization, etc. A lot of that would likely be preaching to the choir at OFFDEM, but for FOSDEM I hope it may wake up a person or three.So that’s the headspace I’m in, in a nutshell. I’m not sure how to fit any of that into something at OFFDEM, but I’m interested in figuring it out.


Hi Jens, thanks so much for your input, all the mentioned topics are super relevant to the work we are doing and have been doing so far.

Yes great project to engage OFFDEM group into. It would be good to think whom we would like to engage in this conversation, definitely @how and I would be motivated. Maybe we could already come up here with a few structural questions to articulate the conversation.

It’s a pity @dvn cannot be there, maybe he could contribute to the preparation of such discussion, he’s very good at asking smart questions. I also think @hannes would be great in this conversation.

Yes, the format is the biggest question mark for me. But you guys have more experience with OFFDEM than I do, so I’d really appreciate your suggestions here.

Then I can figure out better how to contribute.

Some prepared smart questions with some replies, and an open discussion round sounds pretty good, if I’m reading correctly what you’re suggesting?

hi @jfinkhaeuser it feels the end of the year is going to slow things down I propose we finalize this conversation beginnings of january if this is ok with you.

No worries, enjoy the holidays :slight_smile:

@lynx should be interested in this topic as well. He just sent news about a book that you might want to read @jfinkhaeuser, AUF DEM WEG ZUR CYBERPOLIS by Martin Donner & Heidrun Allert.

Oh, I love reading suggestions! I also find that I read very little these days, busy coding :slight_smile: But that’s noted.

I’m still wondering about the format, though. looks like we may have a format for one of the things.