Making of

@HgO @tharyrok @fredux I will start working on this month and wanted to let you know so we can discuss things together.

From the top of my head, I imagine a static site fronting a Discourse. Normally I would use Gandi mail, but I guess Neutrinet has its own mail servers and an alias system that can replace that. The technical setup is simple: one email address is affected to the forum, and all other emails are aliases to this address.

Concerning the contents, I can see the following sections:

  • About OFFDEM
    • History
    • Manifesto
    • Event methodology
  • Events
    • Upcoming
      → information about next OFFDEM
    • Past
      • OFFDEM O3
      • OFFDEM O2
      • OFFDEM H2O
      • OFFDEM
  • Community
    → outcomes of work groups, ongoing initiatives, follow-ups

Anyone interested in helping around is welcome.

You may have received a flood of notifications. Oops, I’m sorry for that. I’ve been updating the tags in this conference to prepare for export/import of topics to our upcoming

Stay tuned…

No worries. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Same… was a bit confused, but it cleared up pretty quickly!

Here is an update on the state of

  1. The site is up and running, a simple static page without style. There may be some broken links, please report!
  2. The forum is also getting there. Unless your account was ported to the new domain, you can register now, or login using your :delta: account (although this has been causing hard-to-debug failures during the login phase — I hope we can fix it before going public), local logins, or the Zoethical SSO. Invitation code was posted to the OFFDEM '24 group.
  3. Most “pages” are already published while remaining Drafts since it’s time to involve more people and get used to the working together.

My intention is to slowly step back from now on to the actual event in February next year. In the meantime, @natacha and I will be available to support the transition to the new @team.

Some tasks remain, beyond what I just described: turning old pads into topics where it makes sense, writing the missing contents in the pages, including organizational resources (that are confidential to the @team…) and arranging the emails and URLs to point to the new, among others.

Categories are muted by default, so that each person can choose where to put her energy. This is going to require a bit of documentation, but I’d like to see how it goes with early-adopter usage.