Here are PADs for Live notes taking during #engagement:offdem-0x03

Example :wink:

Notes of the collectives workgroup: Etherpad

All PADs are now with :

I will work on each PADs as soon as possible to help “improve” them, contribute content, add missing external links, so on and so forth.

All participants / attendees are still and always welcome for contribution in any PADs and even more for asking is there any questions / troubles / blurry stuffs.

Cheers <3

Thanks so much for organizing (yet again) the pads @XavCC, this is awesome!

Unfortunately I still can’t login in Tried using the same email and username I use here but it didn’t work. However I noticed that here I login using “regular” login and not SSO, which probably explains everything, right? I’m guessing my account here must be changed to SSO so it propagates to the pad subdomain? help need :stuck_out_tongue: