Offdem decisions

can we setup a conf-call one of these days concerning offdem ?

  • decide on which spaces we got & their cost (euros & other)
  • announcing: which organisations/people are in the loop now ?
  • budget
  • other logistics

hey there,

yes good idea we re quite available here, would tomorrow be ok ? any time before 7pm?


tomorrow 28dec / 15h10 till 16h ? i’m on 36c3-time :slight_smile:


You guys are making a conference? Have you considered making a wiki on ZeroNet to collect info for the event?

Oui très bien, à tout’!

What would Zeronet bring that we cannot do here? We do have wikis already.

@ptr_here I’m on the Jitsi…

let’s have another conf-call tomorrowevening (thursday 2 jan)
(tierce, niko, me @steki) – 18h ?

  • pad/forum
  • logistics
  • address & announces

yop, c’est noté, I ll try to join this time.


What did you discuss during the jitsi call?
Happy new year, health, creativity and peace to all of you

Hey @stefanie_wu great to see you here, and plenty many thoughts for year to come.
This conversation is about organising in Brussels an Offdem (off festival to the fosdem conference).

Will you be around? If you know any project interested in joining please pass over the information, we are also very interested in non technical participation.