The OFFDEM Fringe consists of independent events involving intersectional issues taking place in the days of and around the OFFDEM weekend. They are organised independently of OFFDEM so please refer any questions to the linked websites.

It’s a wiki, so you can add you own: we’ll check that it responds to concerns of oppression and freedom.

OFFDEM Fringe :birthday: party

On Friday evening, our friends at will have their 5th anniversary party at Labokube!

Dakar : Quartiers de Cinéma

Cinéma NOVA hosts a number of militant movies during the week-end:

Hush Rush Bar

Located in front of VSP, the VeloSOS bike repair shop hosts a chill out space and biker friendly bar serving the Illegaal local craft beer. If you need to take a walk away from OFFDEM but not too far, perform a check up on your bike or have a drink after a run on the wooden velodrome nearby, say hi to our friends! Walk through the POLICE gate, past the OPEN BORDERS graph and make a left at the end of the building block: you’re there.