OFFDEM H₂O Task List

In 2021, we’re navigating in trouble waters. Nation-States are abusing their faltering power to impose lockdowns and oppressive security measures – under the guise of public safety[1] – declaring a fake war against a non-State so-called enemy: a virus.

Behind our masks – forbidden 18 months ago because they would prevent mass surveillance, mandatory now because they would prevent sharing the word – we have to organize creatively to escape this grotesque demonstration of dying empires[2] and keep doing what the living do: gather, organize, protest, create, celebrate…

This topic keeps a list of tasks at hand to be stigmergically picked by @team team members…

  1. The Committe of Public Safety (le comité de salut public) was created by decree in 1793, pushed a war policy and led to the Terror, killing thousands of people during the darkest times of the French Revolution. ↩︎

  2. See last year’s OFFDEM acronym: over fearless freedom dying empires mourn. ↩︎

  • Create OFFDEM masks for attendants, displaying the red smile
  • Prepare nice soap for participants
  • Get a registration list ready so we can evaluate our needs in work space, food and accommodation
  • Confirm OFFDEM’s venue
  • Flesh out the topics at work…