OFFDEM O₂ 2022

Hi Folks,

As mentioned in the OFFDEM O2 CFP, I would start here a discussion about “Activities” more broadly on the preparations

Please send your proposals, as soon as you can, in free format, for presentations, workshops, round tables, and other activities by January 20th, 2022, either by email to, or by starting a topic in the category on our forum.

I will probably be present at OFFDEM 2022 in Brussels.

Well, I do not want to force anything here and now. So please, feel comfortable to jump in this preliminary discussion.

For example, and just as it,

  • Do have question about OFFDEM / OFFDEM 2022?
  • Do you feel like participating in something? Even if it’s not precise at the moment
  • Do ou want to propose an activity for OFFDEM 2002?
  • Whatnot else

In relation to the DREAM DEMO I feel 2 important meetings should take place during OFFDEM:

  • A meeting bringing together different P2P projects in order to think about resource sharing and common needs.
  • A follow up of the independent media by refugees and undocumented citizens meeting, that took place during first OFFDEM
  • A launch of THX publication:

I sincerely suggest emphasizing this topic. For example,by opening a dedicated channel in OFFDEM O2 space and then sharing with accurate people / orga.

oy! I do feel like participating in something even if not precise at the moment! I could offer some presentation or workshop around,, libre software and open knowledge to share information on physical resources, or any related subjects depending on interests

Amazing I would certainly attend any of those workshops, as it is in close relation to the Demo, we need to see how we can bring this to the program maybe on saturday morning as librehosters already join to speak about interoperability and power relations.


I’m thinking of sending an “invitation” to DeuxFleurs:

Is it relevant?


"Garage implements the A̷̲̬̐͌m̸̺̫̈̾i̴̛͎͝ĝ̶̻̖ô̶͍n̷̳̿ē̸̼̖ S3 API
and thus is already compatible with many applications. "

Cool, I’m looking forward to implement it in our systems. Exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for wrt safe replication of data across data centers. Might be useful for DMC and SHRUTHI as well.