OFFDEM O₂ Visuals

Hey we are starting do make a few visuals for OFFDEM to print and make some decoration on site, maybe also for the serigraphy, or any other reason do you think Victor Tsoi would be a good candidate? Would you want to propose something?

Here is a collection of visuals for printing posters, stickers, flyers, for screenprinting, etc.

Archived visuals: OFFDEM Visuals


Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we thought the original logo is nicer than the masked one we used last year.


For stickers

The original 40mm round sticker: offdem-0x02-round-sticker.pdf (1.8 KB)

The fashionable 2" hexagonal sticker: offdem-0x02-hexa-sticker.pdf (47.2 KB)

Room Characters

Those are previews of the intended A3 posters, which are too big to upload here, but I want to share them anyway for critique before finalizing the designs.

Clémentine Delait

She was born on March 5, 1865.
The OFFDEM Bar will probably be Le café de la Femme à Barbe.

Clémentine Delait, la Femme à Barbe

The Che Roll

This roll was shot on March 5, 1960.
I propose to use this to introduce the Misinformation room of the Glass Room project.
The (fake) comment is in French, English, Dutch, Italian, and Arabic.


Che Guevara

Not sure where to use it, or whether to use it at all. But found it funny to hijack the iconic image.


Power of the People

I love the slogan taken from the protests in Lagos, Nigeria: “The Power of the People is Stronger than the People in Power.”


Okuda Hiroko

@natacha relayed this very nice picture of Okuda Hiroko, the woman behind the infamous Sleng Teng, from La Labomedia.


Doesn’t it sound like something we’d like to use?


offdem-0x02-a3.pdf (163.2 KB)

J’aime bien