The group description says:

OFFDEM group members work on the defintion and preparation of an intersectional Off festival in margin of FOSDEM.

#cooperation:offdem is open to people willing to help with this work.

In order to request membership, please send a motivation email to stating your vision for OFFDEM and how you can help with the organization.

I think this process is important so we can avoid misunderstandings on what OFFDEM is about. Since the conference introduction seems not to be clear enough on the purpose – including, maybe it’s time to sort things out and activate the group that so far has shown interest and will take charge of this gathering, and maybe create another group of participants who will inhabit the space in good intelligence.

In practice, people responding here with the will to step up can stay in the OFFDEM group, while the others will be moved to a new group that can only reply to, and see topics. This new group then won’t have access to the organizational emails that will be exchanged with third parties, including our partners.

Note that you can choose to be an active team member during the gathering while muting the group messages if you do not have time to deal with them (e.g., you’re not in Brussels). But it’s important that you keep in mind what’s going on here anyway.


As said on the presentation topic, it feels that in order to call OFFDEM Intersectional there should be a variety of concerned activists involved in its organisation. Lets list the groups and people we can think of here and get in contact with them, please edit this post at will, and consider commiting to this communication since even in brussels most organizations do not even know the existence of a 20 years old yearly super large free software developers meeting, while most of them have interest in understanding technolgy.

  • Accessibility
    • xx
    • xx
  • Climate Activists
    • ZAD Arlon
    • ZAD Bure
  • Activists Exiled people
    • VSP
    • Plateforme Citoyenne
    • Maison des migrants
  • Community organisations
    • La vía campesina
    • xx
  • Gender rights organisations
    • xx
    • xx
  • Digital rights freedom of press
  • Independent Internet hosting services