Organisation in Crete, Greece

I’ve read here that there’re organisation efforts in Crete. I’d like to get involved.

A reminder to get in touch with me!

Thank you @arinc9!

By all means, please do. We do not have the contacts nor the time to organize some OFFDEM sessions outside of our proximity, so it’s perfect that you want to help. How to organize an OFFDEM event? - OFFDEM is your friend.

Originally, we were supposed to hack an OFFDEM event in Crete because we were supposed to go there for the EDRi General Assembly in May. But it happens that the GA’s date conflicts with something we are already engaged with, so it’s becoming hard to think about for this year (but you can do something without us as well!)

First step would be to gather support for this, and an interest in addressing WG topics and concerns.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do something from scratch in Crete. I’m already busy organising the Battlemesh v16 and OpenWrt Summit 2024 in May in Cyprus. I expected some sort of a local team working in Crete so I wanted to be involved as I’m in close proximity.

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