Privacy Workshop for Women at la Voix des Sans Papiers

This topic is to briefly prepare a privacy workshop during OFFDEM, that would be specifically oriented towards women migrants residing at la Voix des Sans Papiers.


Maybe 2h00?
The duration should not be too long, because women are always busy in taking care of many practical things and cannot keep seated for too long. We can envision to do more workshops later if needed and appreciated.


First thing to start would be dialog, talking about the practices, what do you do, how do you do it, why do you do it like this. From what I have seen a lot of communication happens through WhatsApp (with family for example), but also publicly on F̶̥̈ȧ̶͜k̸̤̋ê̶̦b̸̠̎ơ̴̠ọ̸̍z̷̝̎.

  • Address existing practices, what is at risk when you share your name, your location, your personal history, storytelling and best practices in small groups.
  • Communication with family: what is possible.
  • Secure communication what is possible, I have seen that SureSpot, is used by certain persons, (I did not know the program, it seems interesting) check if a larger number of persons use it.
  • Group communication, explore the possibility of using Delta Chat

It would be good to start with their own experience on privacy. How do they experience privacy and what it means to them.