Thought it might be redundant to register since we have been meeting and
planing around my participation (and Maja’s and Paula’s) on the framing
of NGI Zero Information booth and more, but sending this just in case.

I’ll be arriving in BXL Friday afternoon and would really like to help
setting up the event. Will try to coordinate that over the forum.


Uhm, intriguing. I wasn’t aware that this would end up in the forum, I feel slightly exposed :blush:
But I guess the “coordinate over the forum” part is dealt with.

I completely understand what you mean, @igorabsorto I have made the correction in the cfp to explain that the e-mail sent would be published in the dedicated section of the forum. I should have done that earlier, sorry about this. Do you want to keep this exchange here, if you prefer I can also suppress it.

I guess the technical reasonning behind this is: e-mails can be afaik read by any number of persons depending on whom and what software has access to the mailbox. And indeed we should specify the conditions of this.

Thanks for adding that to the CfP, @natacha, I think that is very helpful for folks.

We can continue the exchange here, I’m ok, thank you for offering :slight_smile: