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Hey folks,

Good to see this going ahead for another year :slight_smile:

Would the OFFDEM general assembly be interested in a short introduction/demonstration/follow-along of using Kitten (kitten/app: A web development kit that’s small, purrs, and loves you. - for Small Web development? (I’m not entirely sure I understand the format so apologies if I’ve misunderstood and there isn’t the ability to do presentations.)

I’m mostly heads-down coding these days but this is something I’d be happy to make some time for and fly over to Brussels for.

Lots of love from the Emerald Isle,



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January 3


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Happy new year fellows!

In about a month we’ll be gathering in Brussels for Ozone, the fourth edition of OFFDEM. Same recipe: nice people, co-organized with the undocumented citizens in their space, next to FOSDEM venue, with better food and beer, cozy spaces not too crowded, and a common time to convene and discuss free software topics in depth.

CFP: OOO₃FFDEM Ozone Call for Participation - petites singularités

Preparation: (or send email to

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    | Volta BXL (at walking distance from FOSDEM venue)
    | From now online, to Feb 4,5 in person
    | Same same: we do not accept GMAFIA takeover of the free software community
    | Self-organization, nice meeting space, good food, great people
    | petites singularités - collectif Zone Neutre - - Hashët - …

We welcome proposals from collectives interested in exploring the following topics and sharing their experiences with others. The #offdem-topic tag remained the same since our first edition, covering…

Local Organization
  • Machine as a social construction made out of metal and flesh and community

  • Means of organization that engage and support local coordination and action

  • Offline-first applications that enable sharing documents under network constraints

Collective Data Sovereignty
  • Meet your local tech collective

  • Removing functionality: serene minimalism to save energy

  • Joining forces to compose programs that work well together

Interoperabilty & Power Relations
  • Right to connect: Fediverse vs. Metaverse, or how can we talk with Africa

  • Public interoperability poisons and remedies

  • Internet as a commons and global network: for a public digital infrastructure

Apply now!

Visit Message or reply to this email to respond to OFFDEM Ozone (115), how.

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Hi Aral!

Sure, discussion about the Small Web is very welcome. Please check other people’s proposals and help us figure out a way to make this a good conversation!

hi @aral it would be great if you join, indeed as hellekin mentions there are already existing conversations you might be interested to join, some are not directly in your scope but do inspire many such as @becha proposition about environmental sustainability:
If you are willing to hold a workshop, we have rooms available and we can announce it but indeed it is not the primary scope of OFFDEM.

Hey Natasha, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit confused about the format: is there the ability to present something with a projector to everyone there? I don’t think I’ll have the time to prepare a proper workshop but I’m happy to do a short presentation and introduce folks to the concept and they could follow along if they wanted to.

Not sure if that’s even something that fits into your format though :slight_smile:


Hi Aral,

Indeed at OFFDEM we organise along roundtables and group conversations, no personal presentations. As explained we can provide a separate room with a projector if you need such a space to do a workshop.

Also, apologies for the darn autocorrect, Natacha.


Cool, and sure, yes, I think that would be good to have. So let’s do the Small Web workshop with Kitten then and I’m also looking forward to taking part in as many of the round table discussions as I can :slight_smile:


super that’s great, please follow up on the forum on what you have interest in, and we will come up with a proper schedule when things will be clarified a little.
Also please add information on the workshop here if you’d like us to announce it.

Neat, just booked my flights. I’ll be in Brussels Feb 2nd-5th so I can spend the whole of Saturday at the event although I do have to leave on the Sunday.

By the way, I’m trying the forum but it’s taking about a minute to load on my 1Gbit wired connection in Firefox. Are you folks seeing any issues on your end? It looks like it’s downloading 8.6MB but that shouldn’t be the problem. It also looks like Plausible analytics is failing (wonder if that’s blocking something).

And just to confirm, this is the venue, right: (I’m just about to look for a hotel so wanted to make sure I had the address).



Quick update: fully booked. Looking forward to seeing you all there :slight_smile:


PS. If you want to check out what I’m working on ahead of time, take a peek at:

Small Web:



Amazing @Aral super happy to see you there.
Address of the venue is 8-10 rue Volta 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.
It is walking distance from ULB.

> And just to confirm, this is the venue, right: []( (I’m just about to look for a hotel so wanted to make sure I had the address). >

No, it’s a place near the “Begraafplaats van Elsene” / “Le Cimetière
d’Ixelles” cemetary. The address is

8-10 rue Volta,
1050 Ixelles,

So in the rue Volta street, building nr 8 and 10. The name of the venue is
Collectif Zone Neutre.

C U there!



Ah, cool, thanks! It would be really helpful to have the address listed on the site.