Sonified Textiles Live Presentation


I hope I am doing this correctly!

My name is Paola Torres Núñez del Prado and I work… Well… with various subjects involving code (and not… and knot!) and in relation to knot, well, I thought you might appreciate my presenting one of my live performances which I call “Text(il)ura” or the Sonified Textiles. The three textile controllers, referencing textile technologies from my country of origin, Peru, are works of art and devices that fall within the scope of Smart Textiles, allowing the user to experiment with other ways of approaching the execution of sound art or electronic music, this time, with soft and pleasant interfaces to both touch and sight. Referring to forms of expression and thought that are not of Western heritage, its design proposes another approach to technology, where it is common to find devices made of metal or plastic, both in conventional electronic sound presentations and in more experimental ones. The configuration of the controllers included in this proposal offer, because of their configuration, another way to manipulate the sound that the devices themselves modulate or generate.

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-The Hanap Pacha Quipu is designed in the manner of this data storage system based on ropes and knots of the pre-Columbian era. The interface allows the user to reinterpret the first stanza of the polyphonic composition written in Quechua in the 17th century “Hanac Pacha Cussicuinin” that is characterized by its syncretism and its references to both European beliefs and common symbols in the Andean worldview.

-The Shipibo-Conibo Sonified Textile mixes sounds of the Amazonian rainforest with the voice of Auristela Brito, Shipibo singer, who plays traditional karos from her community.

-The Unkuña of Noise allows distorting the composition generated by the Shipibo textile sonified in real time.

I hope you are interested in this… I could also present a small talk related to this research!

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Hi Paola,

Its great to have you here, I have seen your performance at Piksel in Bergen this year and it had me brought up my awareness.
Thank you very much for the post and the description, Its amazing if you can join us and perform saturday evening.

Just found this link of yours and thought it might be useful to add it here: Paola Torres Núñez del Prado

Ping! Thank you for a really cool presentation. /Magnus

This performance will be retransmitted today on Brussels’ 105.4 FM L’Heure de Pointe | Radio Panik somewhen between 12:00 and 13:00.

Thank you so much @khipumancer for these great moments together!

Live recording: OGG / MP3

Illustration from the Radio Panik show: