Splintercon Brussels June 12-13


I help organize a conference about Internet fragmentation and digital sovereignty (the so-called splinternet), and how to bypass it.

Its called SplinterCon and happens on June 12-13, 2024 in Brussels.

I will be glad if anyone from Offdem community submits something to our Call for Papers! Lighting talks, tool demos, workshops and so on.

Here is the website: https://splintercon.net

Here is the CfP: CFP - SplinterCon Brussels - SplinterCon

Looks interesting and would have been tempted to present the Small Web concept (What is the Small Web? – Aral Balkan) and where we are with it with Kitten (kitten/app: A web development kit that’s small, purrs, and loves you. - Codeberg.org) and Domain (domain/app: Domain is a free and open Small Web hosting platform. - Codeberg.org) but, sadly, I don’t do Chatham House Rules (https://splintercon.net).

All the best,


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