Sponsoring OFFDEM?

Since the organization is going to incur preliminary costs (rent, beer, swag…), it may be useful to have sponsors.

This is an open topic… We could:

  • sell beer and tee-shirts to participate to the costs
  • call for enterprise support (e.g., Gandi, Olimex)
  • use public funding (e.g., city, region, university, EU)
  • do without any of this
  • etc.

We have a bit of budget, and RocketChat maybe also :wink:

What do you need?

You can get sponsorship from cryptocurrency companies, but that will also mean orientating your event towards cryptocurrency a bit too

What How Much Who Estimate
Renting Rooms 2 SEEU or VSP ~500€
Renting Chairs 200 NL Art ???
Beer! 200L Illegaal 1200€ ?
Swag ? ? 1000 €

In the end :ps: paid for everything.