The Glass Room Misinformation Edition and Workshop

The Glass Room is a Tactical Tech project and we would like to offer setting up the portable light weight version focusing on “misinformation” at OFFDEM. A link with more info can be found here:

The exhibition is intended for the general public and an awareness raising action that can be replicated by others within the community. There are several different formats that make it feasible to anyone to replicate regardless of the available resources. The exhibition is translated into 15 languages and includes digital and non-digital objects,.

An interactive workshop can also be offered to participants. This session can also be used for individuals who may want to explore how to give similar workshops in their communities. It is easy, fun, privacy oriented, and engaging.

The workshop language can be in English and Arabic, but translated with the help of the community into French, Arabic, and other languages.

This is amazing @said lets get organised for this

@rad1 we got our hands on two 7" tablets running Android 7 and 8, sharing the same hardware:

  • CPU: Cortex quad core A33 1.3 GHz
  • GPU: Mali 400 (resolution 1024x600)
  • ROM: 8G (+ 64G SDcard extension)
  • RAM: 1G
  • Wifi - USB…

One is Kliver KLIPAD_SMART_KLI758, the other Danew DSlide 714. Are these useful for you @rad1?

A tangential topic: Superposition reveals the disturbing reach of facial recognition tech in NYC with this interactive data visualisation project.

Also by @bonfire networks: Countering misinformation in federated social networks, an introduction to the Zappa project

yes these would be great!! I am guessing we have a stable wifi connection too? this would allow us to have all our old and new apps…

I’m currently using my 4G connection. We’re planning to have a 4G modem. We don’t have much bandwidth requirements besides the pads and the exhibition.

One of the tablets has good battery and is fast, the other one seems to be older and less performant (although it runs similar hardware.

The connection speed should be sufficient. It is not heavy. There are four apps that we will invite people to try. You can visit one by going to the bottom of this link and pressing on “Doublecheck”

I think we can manage. Thanks!

Can we download the APKs and install them on the tablets now? I think it would be useful if you arrive and this part is already done.

This Am Int project is a great way to engage the community… It came up recently and its super interesting.

On a somewhat related topic is the efforts a few years ago to ban in cities in the US, at the time the large Glass Room was in San Francisco… we invited people to speak about it. here is the link:

If I understood well, @rad1, you’re coming with the large posters and we print copies of

Also got:

Hi, I have been in touch with Natacha about the larger posters. We sent them from Berlin to Brussels via DHL last week. The tracking says they notified the recipient and that the package should be picked up from a packing station. In the past, partners were able to call DHL in the country and locate the package station. It would be great if someone can attempt this. The tracking number is as follows:

Regarding the Data Detox Kit, we have the main version which are the links you have. I also sent to petites singulaires email.

There is another version of the Youth which can be downloaded as well from here (no French available)