The Green Tech Oxymoron

This is a draft to announce the Greentech panel on saturday 5th morning at OFFDEM

What could be a decentralized “Green Tech”, how do we deal with environmental sustainability in the context of librehost organisations.

Issues about infrastructure consumption and green tech are becoming each time more prevalent in many conversations, however very little information or data is available.
In the context of the librehosters encounter we offer to examine the notion of green tech from the point of view of independent networks.

  • Low tech or “Green Tech” what are the issues at stake?
    – Technology production and end of life always falls back on the global south resources, land and people, how do we open this conversation.
    – Technology utilisation data storage and transit, how are librehost different? (We will not discuss personal data analytics or display consumption that consume the majority of electricity because those issues are irrelevant to independant networks)
    – What is Low Tech and how can we relate to it?

  • Equity and international distribution of technology,
    – how can we relate to the rest of the world in terms of production experience and conversation about technology?
    – What are our networks, where are they? How can they become decolonial and enter in conversation with the massive amount of opensource developers from other continents out from euro us?

This topic serves to bring together a series of reference so we know what we are discussing:

Metabolic Rift or Metabolic Shift? (480.8 KB)
Dialectics, Nature, and the World-Historical Method
By Jason W. Moore

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Reading back the notes taken from this conversation table I have a large smile coming to my face, this was the first OFFDEM session people meeting up as it had not happened for a long while… The conversation was very very lively and went into many different topics as people meet anew and got into some urgency to speak again.
The notes are beautiful you can find them here: OFFDEM O₂ The Green Tech Oxymoron - HedgeDoc

There is no hazard: the first topic of our encounter was to address this issue of Green Tech and therefore position ourselves politically and explain how each one understand this notion of green tech, and all the questions that unfold from it.
No resolution at this point yet, therefore it feels to me that @becha great organisation of the conversation brought us many tools and set the space for more precise conversation during the following LibreHosters Assembly.