Tor Relay Operators Meeting

Continuing the discussion from Expressions of Interest:

@brabo, @vasilis and interested others, we can use this topic to schedule and prepare the logistics for the TROM.


  • when do you want to hold the meeting?
  • how long should it take?
  • how many people should be attending? (we already have a range in the 50-100 people announced, more likely 50)
  • what logistics and setup do you need?

Note that the Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom will take place on Sunday at FOSDEM. So this meeting could happen on Sunday evening 18-21h for example, or on Saturday.

@brabo and @vasilis, are you around? Would be nice to move on to prepare OFFDEM :slight_smile:

Most probably I will not be around for OFFDEM.
I pinged the people that will be organizing the event.


In the end we will do the Tor Relay Operators meeting at FOSDEM as in previous years.

Instead, we (some Tor people attending FOSDEM) would like to come and hang out at OFFDEM for a couple of hours instead and meet and talk to people :slight_smile:

What would be the best way to organise this? Happy to organise formally or informally… I will personally be more available on Saturday morning.


Welcome @pili, if you do it formally you will be able to talk to migrants who have a dire need of your software. That would be really appreciated. There will be great food and beer at OFFDEM on Saturday evening if you intend to stay along or come back.


In that case it sounds like an “Ask Tor Anything” format could be a good option. The idea would be that people can come over whenever we are there (potentially Saturday morning and other times also) and we can help them troubleshoot issues or answer any doubts they may be having when using Tor. Probably a table and chairs in a common space could be good enough depending on how noisy/private/open the spaces are. We’re quite flexible and open to ideas.

We would potentially also be interested in running some user testing with attendees and we would just need a table and chairs, ideally somewhere quiet, for that.

Does that sound doable? Should we change the name of this thread or create a new one?

This sounds great @pili. Let’s close this topic and make a new one (you can “reply as linked topic” or I can do it for you and give you the topic.)

We have plenty of spaces to choose from. I’ll put a plan online, but you’ll have a good setup.

Just to close the circle on this one…

The Tor Relay Operators Meeting will be happening at FOSDEM on Saturday 1st February @ 14:00 in Room J.1.106: FOSDEM 2020 - Tor Meetup