Volunteering at OFFDEM

Wiki page and discussion with the intention of facilitating participation and pointing out where and how to act.
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You can edit this page, you can post below this page and discuss with others.

If you’re looking for the CFP: OOO₃FFDEM Ozone Call for Participation (CLOSED) - petites singularités

Participating means many things, such as preparing and tearing down the event, proposing working groups, volunteering with hosting or communication ahead of time, note taking, supporting teams and activities during the event, etc. Surprise us. :slight_smile:

Circumventing the commitment and social agency

Be attentive to yourself and to others as well

For each 4 sub-sections below, add your name or pseudonym, plus OFFDEM version where do you wheeling, with the conditions that suit your criteria and situation. If there are missing conditions, feel free to add them. You can always come back to the indications you have written according to the evolution of your situation, state, mood.

add your:

  • “Form of commitment”, talk and think, logistics, peripheral help, specific tasks to be done, etc.
  • “Engagement capability”, on site, remote, both, before, during, after OFFDEM
  • “Area of activity”, communication / Internet, materials and supplies, note taking and documentation, installations, gathering, etc
  • “Type of volunteer commitment”, permanent, regular, time-based, other

@XavCC #offdem-0x02 #engagement:offdem-0x03

  • specific task, talk and think
  • remote before event, on site during event, remote after event
  • communication, documentation, gathering
  • permanent commitment

@pukkamustard #engagement:offdem-0x03

  • form of commitment: talk and think, peripheral help
  • engagement capability: arriving in Brussels on Wednesday before OFFDEM, can help during setup.
  • area of activity: note taking and documentation, installation
  • type of volunteer comitment: regular


  • form of commitment: talk and think, logistics, peripheral help
  • engagement capability: available on Friday afternoon to help with final touches and setup.
  • area of activity: installation, documentation, communication
  • type of volunteer commitment: regular


  • form of commitment: peripheral help, talk and think
  • engagement capability: arriving in Brussels Thursday, Friday volunteer at chaosscon 23, leaving probably Monday
  • area of activity: note taking and documentation, installations, communication
  • type of volunteer commitment: regular

@ayanoa (juliane)

  • Form of commitment peripheral help, low tech (!)
  • engagement capability : on site, live near rue Volta
  • Area of activity - … depends if help needed for the installation stuff …
    translation from English, spanish => french
  • type of commitment : lot of time before the week end, otherwise time-based

Well-Being Team

Caring to yourself and to others as well

This section describe some tips for OFFDEM Volunteering and provide ways to address, mitigate and resolve any conflict or issue that arise during the Volunteering effort, and after if needed.

Well-Being Team members are in charge of keeping the gathering welcoming. You can trust them with your secrets and your moods. New members are vetted by existing members of the community. When requesting membership, please state your experience with conflict resolution and psychology and your motivation to join the team.

  • A specific point of contact/way/procedure (secure and not too complicated or several ways) must be added
  • Indicate who (not necessarily the identity) will be on this team and their positioning (aka, I listen to you and respond to you from such and such a situation/ability/understanding, and I have such and such a commitment to you (responsibility, confidentiality, power to act, etc)



  • talk and think, logistics
  • both onsite and online, before, during, after OFFDEM
  • materials and supplies, note taking and documentation, gathering
  • Type of volunteer commitment : regular


Current needs for help to make the OFFDEM

Here is a simple todo list

  • working on this wiki conference focus on Volunteering
  • Translation of content into several languages
  • sharing of the CFP by discussion with people/organizations close to the OFFDEM angle

Coming to OFFDEM carpooling and hosting

Here’s a dedicated topic in our forum to organize ourselves, and help each other if necessary, for accommodation and travel.

this 2nd sub-sub-section where to wikify i.e communication and spreading

so on and so forth

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@how could you bring the Zoom audio recorder? I would like to do some interviews and related audio stuff.


So here are a few information about OFFDEM preparation

  • Thursday 2nd 16h00 we meet at dk to get tables and chairs and bring those to VSP
  • Monday the 6th 14h00 we bring them back
    We (@how @natacha @vello)

Friday 3rd decorating the space and make it welcoming,
Welcome everyone who wants to help

Monday 6th tear down and clean up
Welcome everyone who wants to help

Food still to be organised but I am in conversation with a couple groups who do catering in bxl.

I will be arriving at around 14h30/15h on Friday to help with setting up the space and making it welcoming.

I add some suggestion for people in remote location.

We can share here some door hanger, posters, banners, drawings, pixelarts, etc (Free art licensed) that can be printed by the team on site this weekend.

Be creative and share your arts style <3

Some ideas (as inputs before conception):

  • Adolfo Kaminsky or Assata Shakur portrait
  • share perspectives and propose collaborations (OFFDEM General assembly methodology)
  • anything else?


source file (xcf): Lufi - Disroot file uploader

Hi all,

@how started pad Index for note taking during OOO₃FFDEM
I tried:

  • to fill this index and prepare some subpads for GA session
  • to indicate important info in all created pads
  • license for each existed document

So, if you some spare time would like to “review” current index and other pads? Or just share bellow your advice, your feeling, a comment, etc.

I’ll drop in early on Saturday, since I’ve registered for the EU Open Source Policy Summit and the FLOSS Foundations Dinner on Friday. Looking forward to be at OFFDEM after these more official gatherings :sweat_smile:
I love to volunteer at events, so wherever you need help, don’t hesitate to ask me :blush:

Want to print a poster? PosteRazor cuts an image file into pieces and you can print then on your printer and glue them together to a poster.

Hello, i’m coming in VSL on today, friday 15:00 to help you

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Super @stephane welcome