About the Upcoming category

What’s up with the OFFDEM community?

Upcoming Events

Topics in this category SHOULD announce upcoming events related to OFFDEM: the OFFDEM mainline annual event in Brussels, OFFDEM branches around the world, workshops and gatherings related to Care topics (work groups activity), and sister events and gatherings ([tbd], as well as hackmeetings, etc.).

Category restrictions

Because new topics created in the Announcements category end up published on the Fediverse, new topic creation is restricted to the @infodesk, @staff and @trust_level_3 (regulars).
@trust_level_2 (members) can reply here and create an event to announce an upcoming event.
If your trust level is not there yet, you’re welcome to propose events in #share: if there is support from the community, it will be announced here.

Calendar Subscription

You may download an .ics file for importation with your existing calendar software, from the … icon and Add to calendar in the event itself:

Ask to announce an upcoming event

If you want your event to appear on the calendar, create an event in the first post of a new topic.