"Ask Tor Anything"

Continuing the discussion from Tor Relay Operators Meeting:

@gaba @how Created this new topic for the “Ask Tor Anything” event at OFFDEM.

Let’s tentatively say that we will have this happening on Saturday morning and various other times during the weekend depending on Tor people availability.

We will need a table and chairs.

Amazing, I will announce this around as it will certainly interest people from different places, its well inline with the idea of the event.
Table, chairs and refreshment for sure.

I have updated the table in “OFFDEM Activities” with some times on Saturday morning. I would appreciate some suggestion of an available and suitable space before filling in the “Where” :slight_smile:

Some of us could potentially be back on Sunday but I will check around and update when I know more.

Most activities will happen on the first floor of VSP. We did not name the rooms yet. We’ll map the space :slight_smile: