OFFDEM Activities 2020

For each entry, please link the relevant topic in What, indicate the time in When, and indicate the room in Where.

What When Where
"Ask Tor Anything" 8:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM Ask Tor Anything
Bar 100Pap 8:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM Bar 100Pap
Chaostreff @ OFFDEM ? Chelsea Manning
GNUragistes @ VSP ? Salle Informatique
Librehosters ? Reality Winner
(Undocumented) Citizen Media ? Media Sans-Papiers (MSP)
OFFDEM Radio by Fredux ? Transmission Room
Palindrome 7:02:02 PM7:20:20 PM Reality Winner
RAP room [Remember African Politics] ? R.A.P.
Hashet Silkscreen Workshop From 3:00:00 PM on Sat. From 2:00:00 PM on Sun. Hashet Row
IN COMMON 1:00:00 PM4:00:00 PM Reality Winner
Interpret censorship as damage 3:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM Chelsea Manning
SocialHub 8:00:00 AM4:00:00 PM SocialHub
Table d'hôtes 5:00:00 PM8:00:00 PM Dinner Room


We plan to meet and discuss about organizing a new edition of Trans hackmeeting. Can you give us a place to meet somewhere tomorrow at 5pm?

Yes we can host you very happy that you come

Do you need a projector? In this case we plan for SocialHub, otherwise Chelsea Manning is fine

No special needs. Chelsea Manning should be fine, thanks.