OFFDEM Radio by Fredux

Hello you all,
auto-presentation in short : i’m GNU-Linux installer at the Bxlug (G-L User Group of Brussels) and animator of Source, a FLOSS show on Radio Campus (92.1 FM), the station of the ULB, where the fOSDEM will take place.

How would you feel about the idea and opportunity of a (web)radio during the 1st OFFDEM ?

I’m interested in :

  • setting a 4 mic brodcast studio @ VSP, during the whole week-end.
  • streaming on the web 24/24 and live on air on Radio Campus 92.1 fm, on Saturday between 12-15 PM.
  • giving voice to your communities, experiences, preferred CC-BY-SA musics between talks, and inhabitants of the VSP who welcome us.
  • gathering informations about your POI to elaborate a proto broadcast time schedule in this pad.

Any advices, suggestions, demands are welcome… Let’s make it sound… Stay tuned !

When I discussed with @fredux last time about OFFDEM Radio, we thought it would be useful to place the studio in the last room on the right on the first floor so it would receive less noise (as it’s opposed to the 100Pap Bar). It would be nice to install a red ON AIR light.

Also we can imagine that @fredux will bring a zoom microphone and be able to move around the other rooms for recording ; the studio would remain the best place for high fidelity conversations. :wink:

@fredux do you think it would be valuable to make some hacked acoustic panels for the studio? E.g., egg-boxes on wood or something like that?

the best place for high fidelity conversations —> indeed, everything can be recorded …

in those small rooms, acoustic is not a problem, I guess. Not much cause of reverberation issues…

I’d like to call it the TRANSMISSION ROOM, a reference to a text @natacha wrote three years ago where she says:

One of the possibilities is to expose current technological communities to existing social science and allow for transdisciplinarity and politicization of the discourse.