(Undocumented) Citizen Media

Migrants and undocumented citizens cover news that are most often absent from mainstream media coverage. Various collectives self-organize around Europe and beyond to provide migrants and their supporters with news feeds that bring their voices and messages to a growing base of persons at risk and the people who refuse to swallow the propaganda minimizing the ongoing human tragedy, hidden from consciousness by hideous military contracts at EU borders and in neighboring countries (e.g., Lybia) and legal pressure on non-gouvernemental organizations who rescue migrants from drowning at sea, suffer from human trafficking, or terrible conditions in refugee camps.

How do migrant media created by and for migrants organize? How can they benefit from free software (e.g., Scribus, Inkscape, Discourse, Icecast, VLC, Blender…) to facilitate their publications, radio stations and TV channels, and from independent hosting providers that will not censor them? What can the free technologies community do to help migrant media converge across borders on the open Internet?

Come to the debate and bring your ideas, your infrastructure, your networks, and share your experience!

Wednesday 22th of January

Saturday 2020-02-01T16:00:00Z, introductory meeting about undocumented citizen media in the MSP room.