2020|0202 Reversing Politics

2020 is the year reality catches up on Cyberpunk sci-fi dystopias.
On Sunday February 2nd, 2020, we wish to turn the tables and mark a moment where we can reverse our dystopic future and consider our forces to overcome the fast track towards a hard wall, look into the cracks of it, and celebrate concrete alternatives, actual resistance.

Let’s invent and enter a new decade that looks so bleak we must catch our breathe and stand on solid ground that sustains our struggle for decent life, freedom, and the force to resist the freefall of dying empires together. Everywhere, under the mist of deadly smoke and dust, small singularities manage to create and maintain havens of solidarity.

Among others, we’d like to take a moment together to send letters to political prisoners who’ve been standing firm against repression for values we cherish: freedom, solidarity, human dignity, respect, diversity, justice…

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Letters to Prisoners

Chelsea Manning

Reality Winner