Coming to OFFDEM carpooling and hosting

Continuing the discussion from Volunteering at OFFDEM:

This page is to collaborate in transport and lodging for OFFDEM.

Please use this post to announce if your travels, where you are coming from and when and if there are free seats in your car of if you need to jump into a car.

Also if you are in Brussels and can host people coming to OFFDEM this is also welcome, please stand up


Who Traveling from On dates With mode Notes
@pierreozoux Montelimar 3-02 07:30 / 5-02 15:00 car we have one available seat


You may want to find accommodation through the Trustroots network.

  • up to 3 people can stay with their sleeping bags in the living room at Mariana’s place in Schaerbeek. See marianaecos on Trustroots

There is room in Zonnklopper sleeping,( in mixity), contact @natacha or @jean-baptiste for more information.

Hey, I’d like to join for OFFDEM.

Travels: incoming on Friday 3rd by train from Berlin (Germany), leaving on Sunday 5th by train to Berlin

Hosting: if someone has space, am happy to bring my sleeping bag and sleeping mat (non-snoring, non-smoking) :slight_smile:

Looking forward to joining OFFDEM. I’ll be in Brussels a few days earlier to attend the Guix Days (Group:Guix/FOSDEM2023 - LibrePlanet).


  • Arrival: Wednesday 1st February (late evening) by train from Paris.
  • Departure: Sunday 5th (later afternoon) by train to Paris.

Hosting: If somebody has space I would also be grateful for a spot to crash (can bring sleeping bag and mat).

Hi, I’d like to come to OFFDEM.

Arrival: Friday 3rd by train from Antwerp
Departure: Sunday 5th by train to Antwerp

Hosting: sorry to be repetitive, but I’m in the same boat as hannes and pukka. I can also bring a sleeping bag and mat, if anyone has some space to sleep. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Hannes, nice to meet you.

I’ve your same schedule in mind, train from Berlin, back and forth, and also I’m looking for hosting. (I moved quite late and I guess hotel at this point are probably full)

Hello !

We can host a few people in the Caldarium. We can provide a mattress and bed sheets, but if you have a sleeping bag it’s better because I’m not sure we would have enough blankets.

If you are interested, please contact us @tharyrok @fredux and myself :slight_smile:

I updated the wiki in the first post with hosting information from the Trustroots network.

I’m waiting for other spaces from one or more squats in Brussels.

If you need or offer hosting, please use the wiki to keep the information clear and up-to-date!

sorry, I won’t make it. am sick and will stay in Berlin… :frowning: hope you’ve a great meeting

Oh I’m so sorry to read you @hannes. I wish you can recover fast, and maybe we meet next time in Morocco.

Salut @fredux, @tharyrok, @hgo, @niko,
François (francou) et moi florence de marsnet seront finalement bien de retour au OFFDEM (du 4 aprem au lundi 6) et c’est avec plaisir que nous vous rencontrerons à nouveau :slightly_smiling_face:
Reste t-il des places pour dormir au caldarium pour les nuit du 4 au 5 et du 5 au 6 ? Nous avons des sac de couchage.

Hi @fredux, @tharyrok, @hgo, @niko,
François (francou) and me florence de marsnet will finally be back at the OFFDEM (from the 4th to the 6th) and it’s with pleasure that we will meet you again :slightly_smiling_face:
Are there any places left to sleep at the caldarium for the nights of the 4th to the 5th and the 5th to the 6th ? We have sleeping bags.
See you soon
A tres bientot

@how merci, quel est l’adresse du wiki ?
thank you, what is the address of the wiki

Bonsoir, alors finalement nous avons pris un hébergement pres du OFFDEM, mais c’est avec plaisir que nous repasserions au Calderium, y a t-il quelque chose de prévu samedi ou dimanche soir ? Nous aurions bien aimé venir vendredi soir, mais nous ne pouvons venir que samedi…En tout les cas à Dimanche matin au OFFDEM et peut etre avant (nous arriverons samedi à 16h au OFFDEM ):grinning:

Samedi c est au OFFDEM si vous arrivez en soirée demandez moi a l entree


Je suis Stéphane, membre du chaton hadoly et du collectif CHATONS.
Neil propose une chambre en hotel à proximité de la gare de Bruxelles-midi →

On a un désistement de dernière minute pour le FOSDEM dans notre « troupe 42 » qui prend part au voyage, nous avons une chambre d’hôtel en trop (au Meininger de Bruxelles Midi).
C’est très tard pour prévenir, mais si vous avez déjà le transport, on peut vous loger.

Contactez le directement ou en réponse à ce post.