Hi !

Since we started refactoring crypto+install parties as “digital self-defense workshops” in Strasbourg this year in order to better address “real-life” situations, I think it could be great to take profit of this event to have a room for discussing those practices with other collectives so we can gather tactics to spread out !

Any people interested ?

Ohhhhhhh yeah <3
I am in! (Gendersec wiki ; Exposing The Invisible (security + bioinvestigation), datadetox kit, security in a box, etc.).
Probably some friends around Tactical Tech too.

I would like to suggest opening a specific “conference” (with offdem O3 tag) in this forum about your suggestion.

Happy to address the topic together, I can bring some experiences by in Italy and some by Tails community Nice to meet you!

I hope you were able to find rest and calm.

Here are the (still incomplete and imperfect) notes of the “GenderSec” working group during the Saturday of the 2023 Offdem.


for the personal commitment I have shared, to make it easier for us to stay in touch in order to (maybe) constitute an active and (inter)connected “GenderSec / digital selfdense” collective, I have some questions that I would like not to deal with alone.

  1. How can we recontact (email?; via the forum petites singularités?; word-of-mouth?; others) the people present to share the notes and the intention to continue our discussions, then actions and collaborations?
  2. What can we suggest as a collective discussion tool to maintain a space appropriate to this group and to the people (taking into account usability limitations, and other biases/issues). Delta-Chat? Email? Restricted forum? Other?

With luv and friendliness and helpfulness,


Following the multi year experience with and OFFDEM, I would suggest making a verified group on D and using when it’s ready. We’ll be moving the existing discussions here to there so that there is continuity. That way you’ll benefit from both an encrypted channel and SSO down the way.

Okay. Thx @how

By the way, I added some Resources into the PAD.

I think pads should be copied here and made wikis instead of keeping them.