How to Use the Anonymous Post Feature?

Discourse provide a feature to “post anonymously” on the forum. This topic explains how it works, and how to use it.

Before posting anonymously, you should have read this!

Anonymous participation is welcome in public categories, and categories with a description (about) tagged with anonymous. Anonymous postings will not be editable by the poster after a while, since ‘anonymous identities’ are rotated by the hours. Anonymous postings should be done to preserve the poster’s anonymity, not to abuse the community guidelines!

What is meant by “anonymous”?

Discourse has a functionality that allows you to enter anonymous mode. A new account is created each time you enter this mode, so that administrators and moderators cannot determine who is posting.

But remember that this is not strong anonymity: someone could determine who you are by analyzing who is online at this time and by other means.

Why post “anonymously”?

Anonymous mode is enabled so that everyone can convey messages related to support issues, e.g., when you need to reach out for any reason (problem with an admin, another person, or simply you are burnout and need some support).

Anonymous mode does not allow you to ignore the rules and norms of this community: abuse will result in removing this functionality and a permanent ban if you’re caught.

Where to post “anonymously”?

Please do not abuse this functionality: we’ve prepared a dedicated space in Well-Being for venting out and reaching out for help in Feedback. Please use this space and avoid posting anonymously where you’re expected to be identified. See

What are the limitations to “anonymous” posting?

Participants in OFFDEM who prefer remaining anonymous can, but you should remember that you won’t be able to retain ownership of your anonymous contributions, including further editing. Since your ‘anonymous identifier’ will change each time to you enter anonymous mode, and every few hours, you must think about this aspect if you want to participate fully.

How to Enter Anonymous Mode?

Click your avatar, your username, then scroll down to “Enter anonymous mode”.


Note that you will need to logout and login again to “leave” anonymous mode.