Offdem 2024 ? What'up!

Hi Folks,

Is there any information about Offdem 2024? Any news? Any motivated/involved people around?

October seems to me a reasonable time to start organising in advance, and perhaps a few announcements / pre-announcements / teasers might awaken other people - always with the idea of a suitable timeframe in mind.

I’ve got a couple of ideas of my own in mind, as well as some collective and professional stuff on the drawing board.

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback to see if it’s all there and now it’s time to do it all together.


Yes, petites singularités have published a timeline, and we’re way into it now:

The category exists at O₄FFDEM and the @team is currently comprised of @Ada_L, @brabo, and @mwfc (although it counts more members who should be ready to support).

According to the timeline, we’re a month away from publishing the Call for Presence (CFP) so it’s a good timing to get started indeed.

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Note that there are a few Drafts available, including

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i’ll be there; will likely be available to do some DJing at some appropriate time/place. cannot really
commit to anything else upfront now. looking forward to meeting again!

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I do not have access / or I’m refused in #upcoming:offdem-0x04 :thinking:

Yes, You have published a timeline, and you’re way into it now. Of course and for sure and so on and so forth. Right and well. And You did major and wonderful and massive amount of work for this emergence.

I’m here to discuss, maybe contribute, maybe boring you (I hope not), with the desire to engage dialogue and see path where to do stuff.

Thank you for asking! You’re now the first member of the newly created @offdem.0x04 group. :slight_smile:

I guess the first task is to write the invitation to participate in the organization.

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