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An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.
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Un festival intersectionnel à propos des pratiques collectives & de la production de technologies libres.
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OFFDEM hosts intersectional activities.

Watch this page for updates.

The final programme will be released on February 21.

Note: we keep the original topics, which links you can consult for historical information. Once the programme is published the relation will appear more clearly.

We are kindly hosted by the Zone Neutre collective and the Maison des Migrants in their squat that they have been occupying since last July.

Ongoing discussion
For registration see Offdem participants - petites singularités

Common Time

Activities span from Saturday 05 March, 10:00 to Sunday 06 at 21:30.

There’s a single “track”, so that everyone can take the time to meet each other and share transversal perspectives. This year’s transversal topic is libre hosting—independent hosting of free software services to support the collective agency of the people.

Friday – Early Birds hosting is a transversal theme that will apply to both main themes on the following days. We take a moment for an informal community meeting and celebration.



We welcome you from 08:00 for a coffee.
Activities start at 10:00 in the morning and from 13:30 in the afternoon.

A party will be thrown in the evening across the city. DJs yet to be communicated.



We welcome you from 08:00 for a coffee.
Activities start at 10:00 in the morning and from 13:30 in the afternoon.

Sunday Duration Action
offdem-topic Local Organization
morning .:.: Chill in
.: Lunch @ KBC
afternoon .:.:.
evening .: Dinner
.:. Chill out

Lunch and Dinner will be available at the venue.

Lunch and dinner will be available at the venue.
Our hosts propose a poetry reading and musical evening.


OFFDEM does not stop after the event ends. On the contrary, it will continue under written, online, and participative forms at other venues. We’ll soon publish more insights about after OFFDEM…


In addition to the “Common Time” sessions, there will be some activities for individuals and small groups during the whole week-end:

  • The Glass Room Project

    • Exhibition on Misinformation
    • Misinformation Workshops (in Arabic, English, and French)


  • Screenprinting with Hashët


  • Circuits Saved frrom the Flood


  • Live Radio Show with Source


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